Eat With Family

Homestead. is a place for all to gather and be part of what makes restaurants so special. A hearth to congregate around with friends & family to share a meal and create lasting memories. Our life and our history is built through family and food. At Homestead. we strive to connect the two creating a comforting community oriented kitchen through our history and our passion. We are excited to present our concept at Ibiza Tapas in Northampton, MA


Tuesday - Wednesday, Sunday: Bar at 4:30pm, Dinner 5pm - 9:30pm.

Thursday - Saturday: Bar at 4:30pm, Dinner 5pm - 10:00pm.

Closed Mondays.

To all of us at Homestead. food means family. It is this idea that Chef Jeremy feels so strongly about building and sharing. Food brings all of us together, and what better place than New England to grow up?  The history, the food, the building block of this country. With local farms and access to  fresh, quality ingredients practically in his backyard, Chef learned early that his love of Italian cuisine is one of the best uses for New England's fresh products, keeping it simple, clean, and fresh. It is this combination and passion for local and fresh ingredients that drives the Homestead. menu.